The reality of resting

For the past few weeks I’ve been straddled with injury. I’m a naturally energetic kind of guy so it’s been torture. All I’ve wanted to do is lace up my trainers and get out into the world. But instead I’ve been wincing every time I walk.

So I’ve been forced to rest. That horrible four letter word – rest – conjures up images of been laid up in bed, sprawled out with a leg up in a sling, held in the air by a series of wires and pulleys. In reality though, most of the time I’m just sat around looking forlorn and feeling like I’m being lazy.

Resting legs is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. Not just for people who, like myself, always feel like they have energy to burn, but for everyone. For most of us, walking is such a natural thing, something so engrained in our minds that we never think about it. That is until it starts to hurt.

Outside of sport, exercise and yoga, I’ve always thought of myself as being fairly sedentry. At work I have to sit at a desk for most of the day, I work in another city so there’s also a long lazy commute, and my non-sporting hobbies have me moving my thumbs at most.

I’ve come to appreciate how much work my legs actually do though. My snippets of walking on my commute, from house to bus, bus to train, and train to work (and vice versa), are a few kilometres on their own. Throw in the idle walking of everyday life and it starts to add up.

So I’m stuck in a quandry; running is impossible, but so is resting. All I can do is recover.

Blendsday Wednesday – Vanilla cinnamon and banana smoothie

When most people think of smoothies they either think of vibrant blends packed full of fruit, or veggie smoothies that look like swampwater. While these two types of smoothie are delicious, they’re not the only ones out there. There are also subtle ones that look plain, but surprise you with their taste. Such as the vanilla cinnamon and banana smoothie, which is made with:Read More »

Songs to run to – Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor

Simplicity is often the beauty of running music. Pop, punk and techno all lend themselves well to good running soundtracks because they have simple, predictable and repetitive rhythms and beats. They are a far cry from the complexities and everchanging nature of classic music.

But does that mean that the soundtracks of our runs have to be dominated by guitars, drums and bass, while the violins and strings are relegated to the soundtracks of films? Well, not quite…

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Run Report: 10/08/15 – 16/08/15

My week in running can be summed up with one image and two words.


Injury; frustration.

That’s right, it’s been another week without running because my calf is still acting up. Every day I wake up wanting to test it, but even my walk to work is putting it in agony. I can’t imagine how I’d manage running for a couple of metres, never mind a couple of miles. So I’ve been sat on the sofa, staring out of the window wanting to run. I might have had a week of resting, but I feel more restless than ever.

Lucky pants and pre-run rituals

I’m not a superstitious man. On Friday the 13th I’ll happily break a mirror, pet any black cat that crosses my path, and step on every crack in the pavement under any ladder. If I believed in superstitions I’d be constantly on the lookout, since I’ve racked up enough years of bad luck to last me until the end of time itself. But I don’t believe. So why can’t I bring myself to run when I don’t have my red shorts?Read More »